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The finished product!

So! blueserenity22 wanted me to post my ASL project when I was done! I messed up several times in this take (done in my room, after the performance at school) and I know a lot of my signs are messed up, but I tried! xD And please ignore my strange facial expressions.

*****NOTE - when I watch it it likes to randomly stop at 2:30, but the video is definitely 3 minutes long, so just click the little rewind bar thingy and drag it back a bit and it should go forward XD

During the performance I look up and half the class is following along with me in the chorus. It was just amazing, I smiled and laughed and was still able to get through the song. Them "singing" along really helped. I love my class, it's not exactly tiny but everyone knows everyone else and once I got up there everyone was really encouraging. My friend Rachel had privately spoken with our teacher about doing the performance one-on-one with her because she has severe anxiety issues, but after I went she decided to go ahead and go and did awesome. :)

One lady brought her little boy to class and when I was done he said YOU ARE SO AWESOME! And was trying to sign to me back and forth and then asked my teacher if I could go again so he could go up and dance with me.

When the little boy left, he tugged on my teacher's shirt and pointed at me and said "She was the best!!!" <33333 I WANT TO TAKE HIM HOME.

And the really big black janitor guy was like OHHHHHHH SNAP GIMMIE A HIGH FIVE GIRL!!!! And there was a lot of clapping and OH MY GOD SHE'S SO GANSTA! I NEVER KNEW SHE HAD THAT IN HER!!!

I got a 97% on it, which I will take! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed it so much. There were a lot of really great performances tonight and I think it was one of the most fun classes we've ever had.
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